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Original post: Grout Cure Time

Marksr Forum Topic Moderator

I just got done grouting the new tile in my shower. The label on the unsanded grout says it can't be flooded with water for 21 days. What does that mean? I know the wall tiles won't be underwater but I expect water would run down them during a shower. How long do I need to wait before using the shower?

If I remember the last tub surround/shower I did (only one) I used the shower the next day although that was close to 35 years ago.

Shadeladie Super Moderator

We just regrouted ours a few months back and I think we just waited a couple days. I think it said to wait 24 hours to put the sealer on and then another day after that, although I am not 100 percent sure if we had to wait after the sealer. Anyways, the grout did fine.

Marq1 Member

The label on the unsanded grout says it can't be flooded with water for 21 days.

It seems excessive. Concrete drive, sure. But for grout?

XSleeper Group Moderator

It was premixed grout I assume? Not the powder you mix yourself?

Czizzi Forum Topic Moderator

Grout needs to cure 72 hours before sealing. Seal with a quality grout sealer. Test it to see if the grout darkens when moisture is applied. If it does, then you need to reseal it.

Marksr Forum Topic Moderator

This is the grout I used: It was not premixed.

Czizzi Forum Topic Moderator

Yep, 72 hours and then seal it. You used the right stuff. Mapei makes excellent grouts and mortars. My go-to brand for most projects.

XSleeper Group Moderator

I think by immersion they must mean "submerged in water" like the bottom of a pool or tub would be. It says in the instructions right before that its okay for residential use after 72 hours.

Marksr Forum Topic Moderator

Thanks. If the instructions, or my perception of them, had been a little clearer I wouldn't have had to ask. Any preferences on which sealer to use?

Czizzi Forum Topic Moderator

You won't like the price, but this is my go-to sealer. Can be found at that big orange store.

Marksr Forum Topic Moderator

You are right, I don't like the price. Surely I don't need that much grout sealer?

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