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Man, that’s annoying. Every step you take on your hardwood floors is accompanied by a squeak from below. What do you do about it? Turn to the forum to find the fix, without ruining your floor.

Original Post: Squeaky Floors

rizaydog Member

I just purchased a new house with some really squeaky floors. I pulled the carpet out of the living room to find hardwood floors. The planks are about 2 inches wide. I was wondering if it would be ok to add additional nails through the hardwood floors. The hardwood appears to be placed on a subfloor. The subfloor, seen from the basement, is 4 to 5-inch planks run diagonally across the joist. I think they are pine.

Would it stop the squeaking if I add nails through the hardwood into the subfloor? We are having carpet installed over the hardwood this week so seeing the nail heads won’t be a problem.

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tonic Member

Is the house on pier-and-beam or full concrete slab construction? I think that might play a role in how to stop the squeak.

rizaydog Member

I am not exactly sure what you mean there. It has a full basement. The floor and joist are visible from the basement. It isn't finished yet.

marksr Forum Topic Moderator

Nails might help; do you plan on refinishing the hardwood?

rizaydog Member

No, I won't be refinishing the hardwood. We are having carpet installed over it.

marksr Forum Topic Moderator

Screws hold better than nails although it would complicate things if you or anyone else wants to refinish the hardwood later on.

czizzi Member

Some squeaks are caused by nails that "missed the mark." Go into the basement and have someone walk around where the squeaks are. Inspect from below and see if you can find the offending nail that is sliding around. If visible, bend it out of the way of the obstruction. If there is a gap between the planking and the floor joists, add a shim to stop vertical movement. I would try this before going to town with screws on a hardwood floor. Someday, you (or another owner) may want to refinish these floors. Many people are getting rid of carpeting these days due to allergies. Would be a shame to deface a solid floor.

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