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Original Post: Help filling huge gaps from new walls to existing flooring

NicholasEdward - Member

I bought a two family house and the upstairs was in some serious need of TLC so we took the horrid wood panel covered plaster and lath walls out and hung new drywall... Now I'm trying to get around redoing the floors as there are huge gaps since the drywall doesn't bump the wall out nearly as much as the plaster lath with the wood panel over it.

Here's the catch... I'm trying to be as cost effective as possible. I've gone over time and budget already and it's not going to be that way for more than five years or so because we plan on converting the house to a single-family home as our family continues to grow.

Marq1 - Member

Instead of a single base molding you could stack it on top of a 1x, so that would give you an extra 3/4".

Hal_S - Member

I'd go faux-antique with thick baseboards.

1" or 2" thick foam core insulation cut into 6"' strips, polystyrene crown moulding on top.

Prepaint both to match the trim. Paint it again after it's installed.

Quarter round stained to match the floor on the bottom.

End result would be something like-

quarter round moulding baseboard

marksr - Forum Topic Moderator

How wide is the gap? Base and shoe like Hal pictured is what's normally done.

czizzi - Forum Topic Moderator

Probably should have furred the walls out before adding drywall. I imagine that you have had to make all sorts of adjustments to electrical boxes and your door jambs will no longer work with the thinner wall. Much in the same way your floor no longer works.

NicholasEdward - Thread Starter

I went with what Hal said, which I also did on my first floor when they installed crappy laminate over the beautiful original hardwoods.

I'll just have to grout some of the small gaps to match the tile.

Some gaps are up to 1.5" and a touch more here and there.

I didn't think the baseboard + 3/4 quarter round was going to cover all the gaps but it mostly solved the issue.

Thanks for the input!