Hot Topics: Is Polyurethane Needed for Bamboo Flooring?

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Homeowners who are looking for sustainable materials for their flooring projects often wonder about the stability of bamboo. Many wonder if it is necessary to add additional protection to store-bought bamboo planks to prevent scratches and dents from easily ruining the beauty of their new floors. Let's go to the forum and see what a couple of veteran DIYers have to say about it.

Original Post: Polyurethane on New Bamboo Floors?

inkhavoc Member

We've been seeing some good deals on bamboo floors, and we've been considering them for my daughter's bedroom. Some folks are saying that it scratches easily, and some people have said we could/should put polyurethane over the brand new floors to help protect them from scratches.

I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on whether or not this is a good idea - putting polyurethane on a brand new, finished bamboo floor.

Thank you!

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marksr Forum Topic Moderator

I don't know a lot about bamboo floors, but generally the factory finish is tougher than any site-applied finish. If you did apply poly to the floors, you'd need to sand them a little first so that the poly will bond with the existing finish. If you just apply it over the existing finish, it will be prone to peel.

chandler Forum Topic Moderator
I agree with Marksr. I have installed many bamboo prefinished floors and have it in my rental cabin. Tough as nails. I would never consider placing a finish over the aluminum oxide factory coating from the start.