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Sometimes fixtures are made with proprietary fasteners because manufacturers don’t want you messing with them. Sometimes that strange old nut is there because back in the old days, everyone had the proper tool. Either way, if you’re a DIYer you’re eventually going to end up baffled. So, how do you turn this notched-out nut? Ask the Forum. (Hint: think British.)

Original Post: Trouble removing locknut from Bathroom Faucet

SanPedro Member

I'm trying to replace an old faucet, and am having a difficult time removing these lock nuts (I'm guessing that's what they are).

The same lock nut is on both top and bottom; they are frozen on pretty good and just spin when I try to remove them. I've sprayed them with Liquid Wrench and let it sit overnight.

Is there are recommended tool to do this job?

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Pilot Dane Group Moderator

I have several odd, specialized wrenches for nuts like that and I occasionally have to make one from scratch. Often the proper plate wrench comes with the faucet and if you know what brand you have you might be able to find the wrench. Otherwise the plate wrenches with a single tooth are more tolerant of different size nuts at the expense of gripping power. If your nuts are really stuck in place you may need the proper wrench that engages more notches.

Hot Topics: Is There a Tool For This Nut?

If you can't find a wrench you can also try a punch or screw driver in the notch and tapping with a hammer.

spcyamada Member

Same issue - I have the same exact locknut. I tried Home Depot and asked around. Three employees never seen anything like it. I did some research and the tool is definitely the spanner wrench. I bought it online since none of the stores carried it locally.

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