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Even with a stud finder, you can’t always tell what’s behind your drywall. Better to hit a dryer vent than a gas line, but you still have to fix it. The OP seems reluctant to cut out more drywall, but regardless of which of the Forum’s solution he goes with, he’s going to have to.

Original Post: Drilled into dryer exhaust pipe - seeking advice on how to fix

theron_day Member

Hello, this is my first post and feel I like a complete idiot and looking for some advice. Any input is greatly appreciated.

I recently was trying to mount a pot rack/hanger in the kitchen (used a stud finder) and mistakenly drilled into the dryer exhaust pipe located behind the drywall. I was able to determine that it was the dryer exhaust - it was emitting a tiny amount of air when the dryer located directly on the floor below was on. I turned it off immediately, being aware of the carbon monoxide emission and am currently not using the dryer until I can resolve this issue.

Any input appreciated on how to correct? I cut about a 1x1-inch area out of drywall around the drilled hole.

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PJmax Forum Topic Moderator

Welcome to the forums.

You could use a piece of foil tape to reseal that if you can get it in there. Otherwise use a small amount of high heat silicone like that which would be used for a car. There is very low pressure there. It won't take much to seal it.

theron_day Member

Thank you PJmax. I don’t think I can get the foil tape around the exhaust pipe (unless I cut the drywall more). So maybe like you said the high heat silicone… like this?

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pugsl Forum Topic Moderator

Carbon monoxide emission is not a problem with a dryer vent. Foil tape is the best to use if can get in.

theron_day Member

Thanks pugsi, I will definitely look into that and see about the foil tape if I can get into enough contact area.... Thanks to both comments so far!!!! Much appreciated.

lawrosa Super Moderator

“Carbon monoxide emission is not a problem with dryer vent.”

A gas dryer yes... Electric no...

Yes a small square of metal tape would be best... Make sure it’s the real metal tape and not the plastic backed fake stuff that will melt... read the temp ratings on the label to be sure... I believe it says 600F or something in that area.

theron_day Member

My fault, it's an electric dryer.

Fixing this leads to the discovery of a much larger venting problem. Read more at: //