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If you just bought a new house and you aren't thrilled about the color of the vinyl siding, you might be wondering if painting is possible. Or, maybe you're deeply regretting your choice 10 years ago and need a change. Well, the consensus about painting over vinyl siding is clear: going darker is dangerous. However, these DIYers have tips for getting a desirable color without risking a warped exterior.

Original Post: Painting Vinyl Siding a Darker Color

Shivaya Member


I have some very ugly seafoam green vinyl siding on my house, which I plan to repaint. Some articles say that you should never paint vinyl siding a darker color than what it already is, because darker colors might cause it to overheat and warp.

The people in the paint department at the big box store laughed when I told them that and they never heard of that, and honestly, I am hoping they are right because I was planning to paint it dark grey.

Can anyone weigh in on this?

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stickshift Group Moderator

First off, I am not surprised that a big box store paint employee was ignorant of a painting concept. You will generally get better products and advice at a paint store than a paint department.

Generally speaking, you can go a little darker without concern but the more difference there is, the more likely you are to encounter issues. Keep in mind, though, that vinyl siding is maintenance free but as soon as you paint it, it now requires maintenance.

Hang tight for Mark, I think he's aware of a paint meant specifically for this purpose.

marksr Forum Topic Moderator

Vinyl siding is heat-rated; white siding isn't able to withstand as much heat as darker siding. Generally, you can change colors but not go darker more than a little. The danger with going darker is the vinyl will get too hot and try to warp. SWP has some paint with what they call vinyl safe technology. I've not personally used it, but it is formulated in a manner that allows you to go darker when painting vinyl.

XSleeper Member

You are just asking for trouble by wanting to paint it a dark grey. Might as well be black. You are causing your own troubles unless you are flexible on what colors meet the criteria below.

As Marksr mentioned, go to Sherwin Williams. Tell them what you want to do, explain the color you are after, and ask them to give you a "vinyl-safe" paint that has a LRV (light reflective value) above 55. (Black = 0 White = 100). This is not a hard fast rule, but it's what is recommended when painting Azek pvc, and I like to think it's a good rule of thumb when painting any pvc or vinyl. Vinyl siding is even more prone to warping, so the higher the LRV rating the better. You may not get the dark grey that you are after, but this is really the route you should take unless you want to risk ruining your siding job.

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