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Original Post: Photo's stuck to glass!

chic - Member

I have several photos that are stuck to the picture frame glass and would love to be able to get these apart without damaging the photos. Can anyone help me?

Docduck - Member

You can try using a hair dryer to heat the glass keep it on medium and 4 to 5 inches away...this may help soften and make the picture more flexible..then slowly try to peel a side back or corner

GregH - Super Moderator

Photos from a lab are wet during the printing process and it is normally ok to use water on them afterwards.

I would try soaking the glass with the stuck picture in room temperature water to loosen whatever is bonding them to the glass.

Afterwards, lay them on a papertowel, good side up for a short while then hang them to dry.

When dry, put pictures between two pieces of paper then put in a book to straighten them if curled.

Be warned that whatever may have stuck them to the glass may have already permanently damaged them.

Putting a photo behind glass when it is new causes the remaining chemicals to make them stick.

You should allow photos to age a bit or use a mat to keep the glass off the picture.

johnam - Member

I found this searching the internet—it is not my advice.

There is probably a way to save the photo. If it is not older than around 30 years, it will not harm the photo to soak it in water. Once thoroughly soaked (probably about an hour) you should be able to slide it off of the glass.

Be careful because the surface of the print will be very delicate, and most likely even with the greatest care there will be some marks left, but if done with care should not be serious. It may curl when drying (best to hang dry—do not dab it) but you can flatten it with a book later.

marwen - Member

Without a doubt, WATER is your salvation!

Simply take the sheet of glass and immerse into water at about 68? F for B/W and about 100? F for coloured images. If it is a mix, try to soak the images overnight, you are going to end up with room temperature anyway.

Try to leave them in a bathtub. The B/W images when they are wet will probably not affect the viewing surface while wet. If they are GLOSSY, you will loose that finish.

If the prints are coloured, the surface of the paper will take on a blueish tone while they are wet. All you can do id let them AIR DRY. A nice, safe bet is, once they are off the glass, place them onto a dry terry cloth towell. That will help to absorb the excess water and assist in stabilizing some kind of even finish.