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person clearing drain clog out of pvc piping with printed lettering

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Original Post: PVC print removal

leafy branch - Member

I intend to build a backdrop out of PVC pipe. However, I'm trying to remove all the lettering on the pipe. What can I use? I've tried rubbing alcohol, fingernail polish remover, Soft Scrub with bleach, lemon oil, Oops!, Turpenoid, dishwashing soap, and I can't get the printing off. Some things helped a little, but at the rate they worked, I'll be at it until this time next year! I'm also having trouble removing the adhesive from the labels that Lowe's put on the stuff. I need to have this backdrop done as soon as possible.

Am I going to have to paint it? If so, is there something special I'll have to do to get the paint to 'stick'?


Concretemasonry - Member

Is the lettering printed on the pipe or applied later as a prining/inventory code?

If it was applied by the manufacturer as required for identification or for the seller's use, it will be hard to remove without some old household trick.

If it is a sticker, Goo-Gone usually works.

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To paint over look for a spray paint meant for PVC.

leafy branch - Thread Starter

The printing probably came from the manufacturer. It says something like "drinking water use" and "Charlotte Pipe Company", "True-fit", and the likes. The upc code that Lowe's put on came off easily.

Thanks for info on the paint. I may have to resort to painting to hide the printing.

garywms - Member

Get some PVC pipe cleaner. Look for it in the plumbing aisle.

leafy branch - Thread Starter

PCV pipe printing removal

I didn't know there was such a thing as PVC pipe cleaner. Thank you for the tip, I'll see if I can locate it somewhere.

Unclediezel - Member

Ronsonol Lighter fluid........

Filling my cigarette lighter and the can spilled, ran down the wall, behind the counter, and under the sink. The pipes came out clean but without the "Carnage" of an acetone product.

Usually , if it works by accident.......???????? Stick with it.

leafy branch - Thread Starter

Thanks for the tip. I used some of the PVC pipe cleaner and it worked pretty well, although I have some pink tinge left on some of the pipes, but at least no one had to read the ads. Next time I'll try the lighter fluid. Since no one in this house smokes, we don't have lighter fluid around. But it might do a little better job of removing the print, I'll have to try. Thanks again.

Ed Imeduc - Member

Any paint store or big box store. Just get a can of lacquer thinner—it will take it all off for you.

leafy branch - Thread Starter

You sound like a man that's been there done that. Laquer thinner sounds like a good idea, although I did try some turpentine and that didn't budge it.

Thanks for the tip.

kayrrow - Member

works for me

Fine sandpaper works wonderfully.

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