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If you've got a pet with behavior problems, or maybe just one that hasn't been properly trained, you know how difficult it can be dealing with urine stains and damage. When an area in your home is constantly exposed to pet urine, it can seriously warp, peel, stain, and more. But, can it be saved?

Check out what these DIYers have to say about protecting and reviving doors that have previously been used as puppy potties.

Original Post: Is it Possible to Save a Door from Dog Urine?

ostinoh Member


Long story short, cleaning out my Mom's house, we discovered that she was letting her dog just pee on a towel in the laundry room. The towel (she would wash and change out) was against the back outside door, and in a certain area of the door, the paint has been removed, where I would suspect the dog was peeing.

Is there anything—paint, chemicals—I can use to save that door and to almost pee-proof it? Like waterproof it. We are going to try to train her to stop, but she is set in her ways.

Thanks in-advance for any tips.

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stickshift Group Moderator

What color is the door? I'm thinking oil-based sealing primer and then an oil-based enamel paint, but that's not a good choice if the door is white.

marksr Forum Topic Moderator

I'd use a pigmented shellac primer, like Zinnser's BIN, over the stained area. Oil-based enamels are more scrubable and resistant to stains/odors than latex, but I'm not sure I'd switch the type of enamel just for one door. I'd probably opt to repaint that door as an ongoing maintenance item.

ostinoh Member

The door does happen to be white. The door will need to be repainted as well. The outside paint is pealing off.

Thank you for tips...

stickshift Group Moderator

Latex enamel as long as the door is white. As Mark said, be prepared to start doing this on a regular basis.

marksr Forum Topic Moderator

I agree, latex or waterborne enamel is preferred, but it helps to know what type of enamel is currently on the door, as latex enamel won't adhere well over oil-based enamel. You need a primer to bridge the gap.
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