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Are you scratching your head trying to figure out what to do with your old wood siding? Whether you're looking to spruce up an old shed or refinish your home's exterior, it's important to know how paint or stain will influence the look and upkeep of your material. Turning to the pros for recommendations can often leave you more confused than when you started, which is why savvy DIYers turn to our Forum to get real advice from homeowners who have been in their position.

Original Post: Paint Advice for Old Treated Plywood

keith204 Member

One of the local shed manufacturers knocked down the prices of their 3-year-old display model sheds, and I bought one for the same price of building the same one myself.

The siding is weathered PT plywood, and I'd like to paint it. I've heard conflicting reports from locals about how to paint it. Some say "just buy exterior paint and paint it" and some say "oh you need to use a special stain" and some sources online indicate I should use an oil-based primer, followed by 2 good coats of exterior paint.

What do you think?

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joecaption Member

I'd be using a solid stain not a paint so you would not have to deal with the paint peeling in a few years and all the prep work to repaint.

Going to take two coats as weathered as that is.

Cabots fence and siding stain has worked for me many times.

It can be mixed any color you want.

marksr Forum Topic Moderator

I love the look of Flood's CWF!!! even though it isn't one of the longer lasting stains. For it to look the best on that weathered siding you should wash it first: either with a bleach/water solution or a wood brightener. That will restore the wood color closer to what it was when new.

A solid latex stain would be the easiest. An oil-based primer top coated with latex house paint would give the siding the most protection. I wouldn't think peeling would be a big problem on a shed but most of my painting experience is in the South - it may be different where you live.

You'll always find the better coatings [advice too] at your local paint store [not a paint dept.]. Just be sure to buy their mid-line or better coatings. Most of us here are partial to SWP and B.Moore but there are other manufactures that also have quality coatings. You might inquire among your friends and acquaintances as to what has worked well for them in your location.