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A smart dog who wants to go exploring can figure out how to take advantage of any flaw in your fencing. Fence posts can wander over time, and there’s no telling if they were even installed right in the first place. When you don’t want to tear up your yard with a posthole digger, but man’s best friend keeps ending up on the wrong side of the gate, what do you do? The Forum has the answer.

Original Post: Need better solution for chain link fence gate

bheron Member

Hi all,

We have a chain link fence running the length of our back yard that's been in place since before we moved in. My dog always pushes right through the gate. So I'm looking for a really good latch system to keep the gate closed and prevent my dog from pushing through it. I found a couple online but are there any recommendations?

Also, important to point out there's also a larger-than-normal space, or gap, between the gate and the post, which makes the fork and latch system even less reliable. Not sure if it was from installation or just movement over time.

So I need a good latch that can deal with a little extra space between the gate and post. (Or a way to shorten the gap.)

Here's an illustration of what I have today:

Chain link fence with a gap between the post and the gate.

Any ideas?

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marksr Forum Topic Moderator

If you put a padlock or bolt thru the hole in the latch - would that prevent him from opening the gate? Or is it there just isn't enough of the latch engaging with the post? Is there any room for adjustment on the hinge side?

bheron Member

Exactly, he pushed the gate through even without the latch coming up because there's just too much space. From what I can tell there's no room to adjust anymore.

ray2047 Group Moderator

Depending on the importance of appearance and space, you could add a second post next to the first. It does not have to go in the ground, just be fastened to the first post with bolts or two sets of pipe straps facing each other and bolted together, or even hose clamps.

bheron Member

Ah, great idea!

That would solve the problem with the gap. In the past I didn't want to get into digging and burying posts. But just securing like you said would definitely work. Then instead of a better latch, use some sort of padlock like marksr suggested.

Hmmm, my problem may have been solved!
I've been dealing with this issue, and the wife complaining, for years now.


Will report back on progress and solution.

For more possible fixes take a look at: //