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Thinking oil additive is a good investment? You might want to think again. These auto-enthusiast DIYers have their own opinions on whether oil additives are a good idea or just a waste of money.

Original Post: How Good Is Oil Additive?

thunder50 Member

I own Ford truck. A friend told me using oil additive protects the engine. I wish to know how effective is it for improving engine efficiency. Do they damage the engine in the long run? I heard that it is good for the durability of the engine. Never heard of any side effects. But, I wish to know your opinions.

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chandler Forum Topic Moderator

Welcome to the forums! Generally additives aren't necessary in normal driving. As the engine ages, sludge and valve sediments will form, requiring some sort of "tune up" in a can. Additives such as Sea Foam or Lucas I have found help in both areas as they can be used in either the crankcase or in the fuel system. No harm will come to the engine by using them. A regular dose is not needed, however. If your engine is smoking or has other obvious problems, no additive will fix it as it may need to be rebuilt.

marksr Forum Topic Moderator

As chandler said, normally oil additives aren't needed. I've never heard of any reputable additive harming the engine. There is a difference in motor oils. Using major brands is usually best although the main thing is too change the oil and filter as needed and use the correct weight oil for the engine.

Norm201 Member

Only do what the manufacturer recommends. Never has an auto manufacturer recommended an additive for their products. I wonder why? If using an additive, you may very well void any warranty. An old car that burns oil may benefit using a thicker oil or an additive, but it will not FIX any problems. I do believe and all synthetic oil of the right viscosity will prolong oil change intervals.

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