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If you're doing a bathroom remodel and you've purchased a new pedestal sink, do you need to bolt it down though the floor? Some say yes, some say no, but these DIYers seem to agree that it isn't all that necessary.

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neastguy Member

We just remodeled our half bath and ripped out the old pedestal. The base of it was not bolted to the floor. It looks like the new ones say to bolt to the floor. I'm not thrilled about drilling through the new tile and floor. Do I have to?

Also, my old pedestal sink was 33.5 inches high. Do I need to get one the same height, or do you think I will be all right with getting a little bit taller. Or, is it impossible to know unless you get into the wall?


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ray2047 Group Moderator

The pedestal is often decorative not structural. The sink is hung on the wall from a bracket. There should be a 2x8 or 2x10 between the studs behind the sheetrock to fasten the bracket to.

Do you want to risk it getting knocked around? The old one may have just been caulked. I wouldn't guarantee caulk would hold.

lawrosa Super Moderator

As a plumber, I don't bolt the pedestals down...

Norm201 Member

I agree. Don't bolt it down, by virtue that it will be held in place by the sink itself. And, a bit of caulking should be strong enough even with an occasion kick from a kid.

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