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washing machine with door open and clean drum

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Original Post: Washing machine drum dropped 2 inches???

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syakoban - Thread Starter

I just threw my work clothes into the washing machine and noticed an inch of water at the bottom and thought something might be up. So after the cycle was running, I went to have a look. I opened the lid and noticed that the drum seems to have dropped a couple of inches.

I can't imagine how that's possible, but there is a huge gap between the top of the drum and the frame. I don't use the machine much so I don't know what's what w/it, but they could not sell a machine that way.

Is it possible for the drum to drop and the machine still run? Could the water that was in it be leftover from the last wash because of the drop? How do I fix this?

The machine is a Fisher Paykel Aquasmart WL26CW2. It's about 9 years old.

Thanks guys!

PJmax - Group Moderator

It looks like that washer uses suspension rods to hold the tub up to the frame. If you go to the Sears site for this machine and select the "Inner/outer bowls tab" look at part number 12 in the diagram.

diagram of a washing machine drum

pugsl - Forum Topic Moderator

Is the basket loose in the tub or did the whole tub drop? If the whole thing dropped, the suspension rods or tub mounts might be bad.

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