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Hanging a door is part of the trimming out and finishing of a new room, but while it’s a work in progress, you need a way in and out. A rough opening covered with plastic isn’t exactly the nicest thing to look at, but how do you balance practicality with aesthetics? One member looks to his fellows for the answer, and they conclude with an overriding theme of the Forum.

Original Post: Basement Project

stlcardz1 Member

I am adding a room to our partially finished basement. When our home was built they left an area for future expansion. I am currently finishing the area myself. I have the framing complete and have mostly completed the wiring. I cut an opening for the new door and put plastic up to do my best to keep the dust from going into the rest of the house. I know that I should finish the walls and maybe even the floor before I install the pre-hung door, but my wife is getting on me about the ugly opening I cut. Since I'm only working on this on weekends, I have at the minimum 7 or 8 weeks to go. What problems would I cause myself if I put the door in now rather than waiting? I had no choice but to cut the opening once I finished the framing.



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czizzi Member

"Cut the opening"???? Explain to us what you did. You usually frame an opening with header for a door. May have to back track a bit to make sure your door opening is correct.

stlcardz1 Member

I did just that, I framed the opening with the header, jack stud, king stud, and cripple studs and I ensured the opening was framed to the proper rough opening size and I cut an opening in the existing wall where the door will be.

chandler Forum Topic Moderator

Install the door and frame using about 3 finish nails on each side, and leave them sticking out 1/8-inch. When you get to finishing the walls, you can remove the door and framing, complete your work, reinstall the door and everyone is happy.


stlcardz1 Member

Thanks Chandler! I should have thought of that.

nicktools561 Member

Yeah I was going to say the same thing as Chandler. Make your lady happy for now then just pop that door out when you are ready for drywall. A happy wife is worth the extra work.

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