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Often the right tool for the right job has a lot of wiggle room. But sometimes something’s held in place that only one key’s going to open that lock. You know what you’re doing and you know the tool you need, but if you don’t know what to call it, how do you ask for it? The Forum names names.

Original Post: Looking for a tool: What's it called?

Tony P. Member

I have a whirlpool tub leaking at the gasket between the tub suction point and the pipe leading to the pump. At the tub the connection is tightened by placing a tool that looks something (I believe) like a caliper in two pencil point-size holes and turning it. I don't have the tool. Any help on what this tool is called would be appreciated.

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Vermont Member

Could it be a Snap Ring Pliers?

aka pedro Member

Or could it be a spanner wrench?

Tony P. Member

Way to go, Pedro. Spanner wrench is it. Thanks to all who contributed.

joecaption Member

To add to that, it's called a pin spanner. Lots of different sized pins so measure before buying one. Any real local industrial supply would have them. Also on line MSC, McMaster Carr, Granger.

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