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Peel and stick vinyl tiles.

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What could be easier than peel and stick tiles? The entire instruction manual is right in the name of the product. Plenty of DIYers who have an ambitious vision for their new floor, but don’t count tiling in their skillset, turn to this easy timesaver. But are they really easy and are you really saving time? The Forum tells it like it is.

Original Post: Preventing Peel and Stick Vinyl Tile Shrinkage

rwwoods Member

I have read several posts where peel and stick vinyl tiles have shrunk after application. I will be laying the tile on a concrete garage floor, and am considering the 1.2 mm thick Nexus tile. A car will be parked in the garage, but I don't do a lot of heavy working in there. Will I have taken the necessary steps to prevent shrinkage if I do the following?

1) Lay tile in cooler weather (I live in Florida)
2) Acclimate the tile in the garage for a couple days
3) Ensure the floor is clean
4) Use VCT adhesive and let it dry until tacky
5) Roll in both directions

Any other suggestions? Or, is this tile doomed to shrink no matter what I do?

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marksr Forum Topic Moderator

IMO there is always a better choice for floor covering than peel and stick! Why are you wanting to use tile in this application? A concrete stain or floor epoxy might be better.

joecaption1 Member

It's the cheapest of the cheap DIY flooring. Not going to matter what you do to it.

sam floor Forum Topic Moderator

Just a fact of life with vinyl tiles. Even commercial VCT shrinks a little. Go into an older building with VCT and look at the lines between the tiles. Those tiles were normally put tight together when installed.
And VCT adhesive need to be dry to the touch, not tacky. It is a pressure sensitive adhesive.

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