Hot Tub Maintenance: 13 Mistakes to Avoid

Having a hot tub at home, whether it is in your backyard or inside the home, is great, but with owning one also comes hut tub maintenance. A hot tub can soothe tired muscles, add value to the home and entertain kids, friends, and family members during the warm months. Even in the cooler months it can be a safe haven where you can go to get away from it all. Turn up the heat, and dream away. However, maintaining a hot tub also takes work and some knowledge about what to avoid.

Mistake #1: Temperature Control

Be sure to keep your hot tub at a reasonable temperature that isn’t too hot or too cold. If it is too warm, you can get burned and the warmer it is, the more potential for bacteria growth.

Mistake #2: Energy Costs

Don’t make the mistake of leaving the temperature running high even when you are not in the spa. Avoid setting the temperature high and leaving the spa unattended or when turning it off at night.

Mistake #3: Outside Substances

Avoid wearing greasy lotions and other beauty products that can leave the water dirty and contaminated. Shower before and after use and make sure your guests follow the same tips.

Mistake #4: Not covering

Avoid leaving the spa uncovered during the months it is in use. Leaves, dirt, animals and other items can land in the spa causing damage to drains.

Mistake #5: Hair

If you have long hair or your guests or family members have long hair, be sure to avoid getting it near filters or drains. Wear bathing caps or tie it back to avoid clogging the hot tub.

Mistake #6: Chemicals

Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean the spa and cheaper brands that may ultimately damage the spa and its electrical components.

Mistake #7: Kids

Don’t make the mistake of letting kids go in the hot tub without adult supervision.

Mistake #8: Repairs

Don’t put off cracks, and adjust jets so they aren’t spraying on the deck or surrounding areas wasting water.

Mistake #9: Privacy

Don’t skimp on landscaping around the hot tub. It will provide privacy from neighbors and other prying eyes.

Mistake #10: Energy Savings Models

Many homeowners forget that there are hot tub manufacturers that have created Energy Savings models that help cut down on electric, water and so much more.

Mistake #11: Warranty

Be sure you know what the warranty covers, where you put the paperwork that accompanied the unit and do read the owner's manuals. Don’t make the mistake of not reading about your hut tub thoroughly before using.

Mistake #12: Purchasing

Avoid scams and other fast deals when purchasing your hot tub. Be sure the hot tub you buy is from a reputable company that isn’t going to close up shop as soon as they make the sale. Ask questions and be sure you are getting exactly what you want before signing on the dotted line.

Mistake #13: Materials of Spa

Don’t settle for an above-the-ground hot tub if you really have your heart set on an underground version. Shop around and check out Web sites and showrooms, as well as interviewing contractors before purchasing,