Hot Tub Maintenance: How to Maintain the Proper Chlorine Level

Keeping up with hot tub maintenance isn't hard to do, but you have to make sure the chlorine level of your hot tub is balanced at all times. There are simple ways to check for this. Follow the instructions below to keep your hot tub in top running order.

Check the pH Level

You can check the pH level of your hot tub by using the strip included in your chlorine kit. Simply dip it into the water and compare the color that shows up to the color chart on the side of the container. That will indicate if you need more or less chlorine. You can buy test strips on their own as well for an inexpensive price.

Add the Chlorine

For every 200 gallons of water you have in your hot tub, use 1 tablespoon of chlorine. that's a general rule of thumb, but check with the specific manufacturer for your product to see what they recommend. It is important to keep that chlorine level as high as required because bacteria grows very quickly in hot water environments. Check your hot tub frequently to ensure that the level remains high.