Hot Tub Operation Instructions

Following your newly installed hot tub operating instructions will guide you toward some healthfully relaxing moments. Use of an in-home hot tub is extremely popular in the U.S. with nearly six million installed. Here’s some helpful operating instructions.

What is a Hot Tub?

A hot tub is either a home-made or manufactured device that holds heated water supplied by massaging jets and other spray-head devices for the purpose of relaxation, hydrotherapy and massage. Normally place outdoors, these tubs are generally protected from the elements.

Step by Step

  1. Make sure after installation that you wipe the entire tub interior with a damp cloth to remove any residue. This prevents water from becoming cloudy.
  2. Place your water hose into the filter opening. Always fill or add water to your hot tub through the filtering system. Fill to the tub water line. 
  3. Most tub temperature controls work by pressing the “Up or Down” controls. You may need to select a “Temperature” function first.
  4. Initiate the “Jet” function. Many tubs have varying jet spray controls that can be adjusted during use. The jet function can also be turned off.
  5. All hot tubs are normally installed with functioning “underwater” lights that have an “On and Off” function.