Hot Water Pressure Washer

For the same basic reason hot water is more effective when cleaning dishes after a meal, a hot water pressure washer is superior to standard cold water units when cutting through tough stains on a wide variety of surfaces, including brick, metal, concrete and vinyl. Featuring an electric or gas-fueled pump motor, hot water pressure washers also possess a gas-fueled heating coil to generate the high temperatures used to heat the pressurized water. Most commonly used for commercial and industrial applications, hot water pressure washers are great for cleaning food processing, industrial and farm machinery, as well grease-coated shop floors and more.


Hot water pressure washers include an industrial-grade pump built with ceramic plungers, stainless steel valves and a durable brass manifold. Washers are rated from 1000 to 4000 max PSI and put out up to 5.0 gallons of heated water per minute. Adjustable components include the pressure unloader, temperature control and burner flame. With steam capable units, it instantly blast surfaces with the hot gas for even greater cleaning power. 


Features of many hot water pressure washers include a 50-foot wire-braided hose with a 250-degree F temperature rating, chemical injection capability and a built-in pressure gauge. Some makes include a built-in hose reel for convenience. Accessories such as a gun-jet, extension lance jet and angled or special application nozzles are often included.