Hot Water Tank Insulation

For the most part, a hot water tank sits in the basement without much thought unless you run out of hot water. The hot water tank typically keeps around 50 gallons of hot water at the ready. However, the costs in keeping this water hot throughout the day can run up your energy bill quickly.  You can lower your energy bill by setting aside an hour or so to insulate your tank.

Gather Materials And Prepare Area
Insulating your hot water tank is a very straightforward process requiring little time and few materials. To insulate your tank you need:

  • hot water tank insulation kit
  • foam pipe insulators
  • tape measure
  • utility knife

Once you have those materials, get started with your project by cleaning around the tank. Make sure there is no debris around, the tank is clean of any moisture and/or grease, and you have plenty of room to work safely.

Fit Insulation to Tank
Measure the size of your tank and transfer both the height and and circumference to the insulation kit, adding at least 3 to 4 inches to your measurements. Using your utility knife, cut out holes for pipes and controls. Test fit it and make sure it wraps all the way around.

Wrap Tank and Pipes
Cut away excess insulation and wrap the tank, securing it in place with tape supplied. Measure foam pipe insulation and wrap hot water pipes to keep heat from transferring into the air.