Hotel-Inspired Decorative Colors for Cheap Hotel-Inspired Decorative Colors for Cheap

The prestigious and relaxing atmosphere in fine hotels is achieved in part by the decorative color scheme used in furnishings and décor. Some hotels feature traditional styles, while others prefer modern furnishings. Others are affected by the locality they are situated in, such as a city center or the country. Nevertheless, by taking hints from hotel-inspired decorative colors, you can apply them in a cheaper way in your home to create a pleasant atmosphere in our living rooms and bedrooms.

Wall Colors

The effect that wall colors have on a room is unmistakably vital. Selecting the right wall colors is thus fundamental. Paint is, relatively speaking, inexpensive when compared to other room furnishings, but it can literally transform your room. Hotels which use red, gold and other rich, dark colors usually aim to create a luxurious setting. If on the other hand, you prefer to take a hint from more unadorned hotel decorations you might prefer lighter colors such as light blue, green and yellow. Some hotels also like to use wallpapers. These usually feature patterns and designs which make a room more elaborate looking. You should also take into account the amount of sunlight that enters the particular room.

Curtain Colors

Curtains are another important feature in any room. Most hotels use fabric which is rich in color in order to give a more lavish setting to the room. They usually give more importance to curtains if the views outside the hotel are worth viewing. The curtain colors naturally will complement the wall color in a similar, usually lighter shade, so as to bring out more contrast. It is important to note that even the cheapest fabric can make an attractive curtain if it is in the right shade and hung out appropriately with tie bags and related accessories.

Decorative Draperies, Carpets and Upholstery

Hotels will obviously pay attention to the way they furnish their rooms. This will range from sofas, cushions, carpets and tablecloths amongst others. The colors used are chosen to amalgamate well with the type of fabric. For example carpets help to provide a cozy and warm atmosphere, however it does not have to be a costly carpet to bring out such an effect. The most important thing is to keep in mind that the color scheme itself evokes such an atmosphere practically automatically.

Color Schemes and Themes

Hotels situated near the sea usually feature a coastal color scheme which would include blue, white and yellow to bring out the sea life ambiance. Other hotels which prefer to incorporate a rustic setting would usually use red, brownish and golden colors in their decorations. More vibrant and patterned colors are used in hotels which prefer powerful colors to bring out more extravagance, whereas simpler hotels located in the greenery prefer to retain such a natural setting with the use of light earth colors and tones.

Regardless of the colors chosen, the most important factor is to keep in mind that even the simplest and relatively cheap adornment can bring out the best features in a room, if it is selected in the right combination with all the other furnishings.

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