Household Objects that can Reduce the Humidity in the Basement

Lead Image for Household Objects that can Reduce the Humidity in the Basement

When looking at where some of the wetter areas in your home is, the humidity in a basement will lead this to be the dampest place in your house. With some regular household items, you can reduce the humidity without using any extra electricity or buying expensive appliances.

Use Rocks in a Corner

One easy way to reduce the humidity in your basement is to set up a few areas where rocks can be placed on your basement floor. Spread them out evenly along the walls of the basement, or in the corners. Having small rock gardens in containers is a great way to both reduce the humidity and keep the room clean.

Use Socks and Coal

When a basement is damp there is also the smell of mold and mildew. To get rid of both the smell and the moisture in the air, you can hang a sock with some coal in it. Coal is a great absorber of both smells and moisture. Hang a few around the basement area and change them every so often.

Spread Rock Salt

Another household object that can be used to reduce the humidity in the basement is some rock salt. You can spread out the rock salt in a corner or pour some in a five-gallon bucket. Rock salt is more expensive than rocks or coal, but it does a great job of eliminating moisture from the air.