How 2-Way Shower Doors Work

Two-way shower doors are particularly suitable for those who have trouble stepping in and out of a shower. These shower doors move easily in and out of the shower area, and can easily be pulled backwards and forwards by grasping the handles. Using 2-way shower doors means that the water can be kept inside the shower area, while there is no problem with getting in and out of the shower yourself. The concept of the folding door is that they are hinged in the middle, so that they can be folded in half to allow access to the shower, but the hinge itself is covered on the inside with water-resistant materials, thus creating a seal within the shower threshold.

Space and Shower Doors

The biggest convenience that 2-way shower doors offer is that of saving space. These kinds of shower doors are popular in small apartments, and areas where there is not a lot of space for a traditional shower unit. These shower doors can be convenient for people wishing to add an en-suite to their bedroom, but with only a few feet of space to do so. As the doors fold in on each other, and don't swing either out or inwards when in use, they do not limit the size of the shower that it is possible to use.

2-way shower doors can also be used as space-savers in holiday homes and RV homes, where the space is very limited but people still enjoy a shower. The folding capacity of the door means that they can fit into the smallest bathroom without too much trouble, ensuring that they don't hit any other bathroom accessories when being opened or closed.

Disability and 2-Way Shower Doors

These kinds of shower doors can also be very useful to the disabled person, as the doors remain close at hand, and do not demand a lot of movement to open and close. Rather than the more common types of shower door, the fold in the middle means that the door handle can easily be grasped by someone standing by the shower. This is ideal for someone who can not stretch out, or move the body around a door closing from the inside. As they have a finite amount of movement, they can also be used safely to open and close, without the risk that they could be pushed too far, and leave openings in the shower threshold.


For their size, 2-way shower doors are surprisingly economical. The benefits of installing folding doors, rather than unyielding doors, is that the former can be used in very tight spaces without having to rearrange bathrooms, while the latter requires a lot of bathroom remodeling in order to make the space necessary. The saving benefits of using a two-way door (rather than an solid one) are that you do not need to improve the whole of your bathroom to install a useful shower in a small bathroom. Many sellers now realize that buyers are attracted to these doors, and so they offer them at cheaper rates.