How a Dual Flush Toilet Works

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Learning how a dual flush toilet works will surely entice you into checking out this unique type of toilet for your own home or apartment. The dual flush toilet concept is quickly becoming popular because it conserves water more easily and saves money.

How Does a Dual Flush Toilet Work?

A dual flush toilet offers two flushing options. One is for solid waste, and the other is for liquid waste. The advantage of this system is that the liquid flush is essentially a half-flush that uses only .75-gallons of water to clear the bowl and refill it. When the full flush or solid flush selection has been chosen, approximately 1.5-gallons of water are used because more water is needed to flush away solids.

Dual flush toilets make use of the power of water rather than combining air and water in the way that standard toilets do. This system allows for less water use in the long run.

Because you can choose the right flushing option for your needs, you can conserve water using this type of toilet in your home.