How a Fireplace Insert Works How a Fireplace Insert Works

When it is cold and dark and you are looking for comfort from your fireplace, it would be beneficial for you to understand how a fireplace insert works so you can get the most out of it.

How a Fireplace Insert Works
If you enjoy getting the most out of your fireplace, but you do not like the energy costs associated with it, putting in a fireplace insert may be a good idea. This is essentially a wood stove that is designed to fit into a regular open fireplace. Just like any ordinary wood stove, fireplace inserts are required to be EPA certified, and what this means is that all inserts available on the market are going to be highly efficient as well as clean burning.

Most inserts are made out of cast iron or plate steel, and they typically have glass doors allowing you to see the fire. These appliances are designed to fit right into the fireplace opening, and some protrude out into the hearth as well. These are generally more efficient because they provide even more radiant heat. Another way to improve efficiency and the circulation of heat is to choose a fireplace insert offering a blower, which can be mounted on the side or along the front of the newly installed insert.

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