How a Floating Hot Tub Cover Works

Adding a floating hot tub cover to your spa can reduce your energy bill and save you money. Heat rises, which causes most of the energy to escape your hot tub through the top, which makes a cover essential. Adding a floating hot tub cover, also known as a floating thermal blanket, has many benefits outlined below.

More Light Weight and Durable

Floating hot tub covers are made of closed cell foam and designed to float on the water's surface, so they are lighter, easier to carry and install, and last longer. The closed cell foam does not absorb water, while standard covers are weighed down by water over time and can become very heavy. First, the water space is measured and then the foam is cut to the size of the water surface in your hot tub and placed in between the water and your hard cover when you are not using the tub. The foam is very easy to manage and cut.

Offer More Insulation

Standard hot tub covers are heavy, but  not necessarily well insulated. To gauge how insulated your cover is, you'll need to check the R-value of the cover. The higher the value, the more insulated a cover you have. For example, an R-Value 15 is less insulated than one with R-Value 20. The floating hot tub cover offers the most insulation, because of the material its made with. Many floating covers consist of a thermal blanket, which helps keep the heat in. The combination of hard hot tub cover and thermal floating cover offers a double layer of insulation that is hard to beat.

Protect the Life of Your Spa Cover

Floating hot tub covers reduce the amount of moisture that can seep inside the cover, thereby extending the life of your spa cover. These covers can also protect the cover from deterioration caused by harsh ozone gas. The hard spa cover is designed to keep cold water out, while the floating hot tub cover keeps the current water warm.

Save Money on Chemicals

Chlorine and bromine can evaporate into the air. Over time, they start to damage the inside of a standard hot tub cover. With a floating cover, the evaporation of these chemicals is reduced, allowing you to save more money by not having to replace these products so often. By eliminating your water evaporation, your hot tub water will become more stable and need to be changed less often.

Cost Savings

Floating hot tub covers are generally inexpensive and of good quality. They extend the life of their more expensive hard cover counterparts, save you money on energy bills, as well as reduce the amount of chemicals you have to purchase.

Other Advantages

Floating hot tub covers are inexpensive and can be purchased as an addition to your standard hard cover. In addition to adding a second layer of insulation to your standard cover, floating covers are also easy to cut, clean and maintain. Floating covers can also include a UV inhibitor to protect it from the harmful UV rays of the sun.