How a Gas Fire Pit Works How a Gas Fire Pit Works

A gas fire pit is a popular outdoor feature, due to the lack of need to buy and burn real firewood. Many pits are portable and come pre-assembled; some are also quite decorative and can coordinate with a range of outdoor patio designs. A variety of models and sizes work according to the same basic design.

Gas Line Housing

Each gas fire pit has a housing unit for a gas line that runs from either a propane tank or from your house. There is a heat-resistant bowl at the top of the housing, and underneath is at least one burner attached to the gas supply.

Burner Camouflage

The concave bowl of the fire pit conceals the burners at the bottom with artificial heat-resistant coals or logs. Other more decorative gas fire pits may instead use stones or gravel.  These require a protective fire screen to keep the burners from getting blocked up.

Ignition Switch

Most fire pits come with an ignition switch that lights the burners once the gas line is opened, similar in principle to a gas stove. This gives the appearance of genuine flames in the bowl, and these can be easily extinguished by turning off the gas line.

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