How a Magnetic Pet Door Works

A magnetic pet door is the least complicated of all the automatic pet doors available in the market.

Magnetic Pet Collar

Your pet will wear a magnetic collar. The magnet on the collar is quite strong and needs checking every so often to ensure it hasn’t picked up metallic debris during your pet's travels. As your pet approaches the pet door the magnet in the collar attracts a lever within the door itself.

Locking Lever

This lever controls the locking mechanism of the door flap. When the pet is close enough, the magnet pulls the lever forward and releases the door flap. Your pet can push the door flap and gain access to the other side of the door. As the pet passes through the door flap the magnetic force against the lever reduces.

Back to Locked Position

The reduced magnetic force allows the lever to return to the locked position, allowing the pet flap to return to the correct position for the locking mechanism which has magnet strips attached to the bottom. These magnet strips are attracted to metal strips fixed at the bottom of the frame.

The Pet Door Assembly

The pet door comes assembled and simply needs to be fitted into the door. This is accomplished quite easily by following the instructions which are supplied with the door at the time of purchase.

Use the Template

A template is supplied with the pet door for you to mark the position it will occupy in your door. The template enables you to draw the aperture in the door that the pet door will fit into. You can also mark the position of the screw holes for the screws to secure the frame to the door.

Attach the Frame

The part of the frame without the pet flap is mounted on the outside of the door. The frame might need adjusting so that the edge is flush with the door. There are snap off sections around the frame to achieve this. The part of the frame with the pet flap is mounted on the inside of the door and the two parts are joined with the screws.

Test the Pet Door

Once the pet door is fitted, you can test it by moving the magnetic collar towards it. From about two feet away you should be aware that the lever within the pet door has been pulled forward and you should be able to push the pet flap open. Move the magnetic collar away and you should notice the lever within the pet door returning to the closed or locked position. Push the pet flap to make sure this is so.

Introduce Your Pet

Once you know the pet door is working properly, you can introduce your pet to the magnetic collar. The majority of pets who are used to wearing a collar won’t be bothered by the magnetic collar.

Train Your Pet

Once the pet is wearing the collar you need to show it how the pet door can be opened by simply pushing against it. Some pets are quicker than others at learning, however they all learn eventually.