How a Sand Blaster Works

The sand blaster is used many modern industrial applications, including removing contaminants in the automotive industry and removing paint and creating frosted glass in the construction industry.


A sandblaster is made of several components: a sand hopper, an air compressor and an air pressure gun. Finely ground silica sand is placed in the hopper. Then, compressed air is pushed through the bottom of the hopper, where the sand is dropped out and pushed into the gun. The trigger is held down and the sand directed at the target, like whatever contaminants are being removed.

Glass Etching

Etched or frosted glass is often used in windows to provide a glass that allows light to come through while still providing a level of privacy. Glass etching is accomplished by placing a stencil over the glass and blasting sand against the glass. The sand eats away at the exposed glass and leaves a pattern on the glass. Patterns can be simple—lines, stripes, etc.—or extremely decorative and complex, like leaves, snowflakes or other shapes.