How a Sofa Bed Works

If you frequently have overnight guests in your home, a sofa bed can be an invaluable tool. These beds are easy to maintain and operate and can conveniently be put away when not in use.

Unfolding the Bed

One of the most convenient features of a sofa bed is its easy accessibility, as it is essentially a fold-out mattress in the center of a couch. To take out the bed, start by removing all the cushions from your sofa, after which you will see the bottom side of the fold-out mattress. You will then need to pull the handle located toward the center of the mattress as you make your way backward. As you back up, the sofa bed will gradually unfold.

Once the bed has been completely unfolded, place some pillows and fresh sheets on the mattress, just as you would with a normal bed. To retract the mattress, you'll need to fold it on top of itself until reaching the center of your sofa, at which point you can restore your couch cushions to their usual position.

Taking Care of a Sofa Bed

It is recommended that you remove the sheets and any other bed-related accessories before folding the mattress back into the center of your sofa. Additionally, you should spray the bed with a mattress freshener every time it is unfolded.