How a Swimming Pool Ionizer Works

A swimming pool ionizer works by an electrical process designed to discharge copper and silver ions into the water instead of harmful chemicals.

Negatively Charged Ions

Using a very low voltage, the ionizer releases millions of negatively charged silver and copper ions into the water.

Killing Bacteria

These bond with any bacteria, algae and viruses and kill them by breaking down the cell walls and altering the enzyme balance within the cells.

How Do You Know It Is Working?

Quite often the low voltage used in the ionizer will produce a white cloud in the water. This is proof that bacteria, viruses and algae have been killed.

Proof of Filtration

The clearing of the cloud will show that the increased size of the dead cells, (because of the bonded ions) has enabled the pool filter to remove them.

Test Results

Tests have shown some remarkable results for swimming pool ionizers and there have been claims that they are hundreds of times more effective than chemical pool treatment.

The superior results for filtration after an ionizer has been used has shown that crystal clear water can be produced by the filters with no need to use harsh chemicals like chlorine.