How a Tension Rod Works

A tension rod in a shower.

Spring tension rods are a great way to hang shower curtains or other light window curtains in tight spots. They require very little assembly and no hardware to install. They won’t hold very heavy drapes, but are great in kitchens for café curtains, and bathrooms for shower curtains.

How Do They Work?

A tension rod uses a spring and a screw to create tension between the rod and the wall. They are fully adjustable as well. The concept is basic. Two pieces of metal or plastic fit inside each other. A coil spring is placed inside the rod and pushes one piece against the other. A screw is used to keep the placement of the coil in the right area so the tension will remain.

Where Should I Use a Tension Rod?

Anyplace that is between two walls or sturdy structures that you want to hang a curtain is a good place for a tension rod. They are most commonly seen in bathrooms. Deep windows that have room in the frame for a tension rod makes hanging curtains very easy.

They are also seen in small closets or built in closets instead of doors sometimes too. Measure the area you are wanting to place a rod in before you purchase one. They are available in a variety of size options and you want to make sure you are getting the right one for the best fit.