How a Well Pump Works

The most effective well pump is an electrical submersible pump. These pumps are situated near the bottom of the well and push the water up the well rather than the more traditional method of pulling the water which limits the type of pump you can use. Shallow well pump or deep well pump – they are the same with a submersible pump.

Impervious to Water

A submersible well pump is hermetically sealed to keep water out of the electrical workings and can be fixed in the well so that it is not too close to the bottom and likely to drag in dirt and grit.

Simple Effect

A submersible pump uses an impellor to move the water. The water intake is horizontal and links directly to the impellor chamber. The outlet is at 90º to the inlet, often vertical, and the pressure of the water leaving the pump is controlled by the speed of the impellor. The faster the impellor rotates the faster the water spins around the impellor chamber and the greater the centrifugal force which is what drives the water out.

Submersible well pumps have few moving parts so are low maintenance and they never need priming.