How Acoustic Sealants Work

You can apply acoustic sealants to gaps around a room, such as around window frames, joint cracks or electrical outlets, so that sound and smoke are sealed within the room or to keep the noise levels out. This is ideal to apply in rooms that are used as music rooms for band practices. It will also keep noise from inside the home to have more privacy and keep your personal conversations inside. Acoustic sealants come in industrial size containers for bigger areas or smaller tubes for convenient home application.


Acoustic sealant is made of soundproof latex adhesive that is initially in a semi-liquid form during application and dries in a rubbery state. This helps keep out sound from escaping or entering from the small openings or gaps inside the rooms. To work, the sealant absorbs majority of the sound before it even escapes out and vibration created inside the room. It is also water resistant, so it is also a good sealant for bathrooms to keep water noise from leaving the space.

If you need soundproofing, acoustic sealant will be the most effective solution.