How an Alternator Amp Charging System Works How an Alternator Amp Charging System Works

An alternator amp charging system is designed to maintain the charge within a vehicle’s battery. It also helps to provide the main source of electrical energy throughout the vehicle while the engine is running. If there is no charging system, then the battery would be depleted and not be able to run. The battery needs the current in order to keep working, and it can come back to life if the charging station is fixed, because it will bring a charge straight to the battery. The main focus in the charging system is the alternator. This is where the electrical current runs through, and also directs throughout the vehicle to where it has to go. It changes the current from what it is brought in as into something it is used throughout the vehicle, and a different current.

Voltage Regulation

The voltage regulator regulates the charging voltage that the alternator gives out. This keeps it between the volts it should be without over hitting it. There is also a light or warning sign in the vehicle to let you know that the charging system is not working right. The alternator is powered by the belt in the engine sending currents throughout the vehicle to transfer energy to help it run. This helps the battery run and charge so that everything including your cars engine can run properly. Sometimes there are vehicles that have more than one belt that runs everything within it. There will be a separate belt that runs the alternator in order to power the vehicle. The belt or belts may need to be changed after 30,000 miles, or depending on your vehicle's owner manuals.


Make sure you measure the output that your alternator is having when you are tuning up your vehicle, sometimes the output can be noted as low if your lights are dimmer than usual or you hear a whining sound within your engine. Pressure in the engine helps the battery charging system to work as well due to the pressure building up, and running through the engine. The smaller the pipes in the engine, the more pressure it will have built up and the faster it will go through the engines system. There should not be too much voltage running through the engine, but just enough and the charging system makes sure of this when it is working. 

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