How An Automatic Foundation Vent Works How An Automatic Foundation Vent Works

Foundation vents help improve energy efficiency in your home by allowing air to circulate in warmer weather and keep colder air out during cooler months. Automatic foundation vents help take the labor and guesswork out of opening and closing them manually. Here’s how.

How They Work
An automatic foundation vent is usually made of a metal coil that is able to sense the temperature and open and close on it’s own when the temperatures vary. When the outside temperature reaches 70 degrees they will open, and close at 40 degrees. Most automatic foundation vents will work without a power source, but some can be hooked in to the existing power supply.

Why Choose Automatic Vents

Most people have to remember to open the vents when the weather gets warmer, and close them when it gets colder. But what happens if you live in an area that experiences temperature fluctuation year round? Chances are most people don’t remember to open the vents in the middle of winter if the temperature gets above 70. And it’s not uncommon to have several days each season that are off. The automatic vents adjust for you, so regardless of the season they help to maintain the comfort levels of your home without additional work.

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