How an Electric Stove Works

An electric stove is one of the most important and useful appliances in a home. Once you select the type of stove, it is best that you have a general idea of how it works, first of all to utilize it correctly and also to recognize when it is malfunctioning.

The Basics of How An Electric Stove Works

Simply put, an electric stove is power-driven by electrical connections. The burners on top of the stove receive heat by means of the electric power supply being connected to their heating elements. When you switch on the stove to heat or cook something, the electricity begins to flow through this linkage, ultimately resulting in the burners heating up. All the wiring is usually at the back of the stove in the case of electric stoves.

The Dials, Gauges and Thermostats

The burners of the stove are set according to the temperature you need by means of rotating dials. Inside the stove you will have the baking trays where the food to be roasted and baked is placed for more centralized heat. The lower part is for baking, while the upper part is for broiling. To control the oven's temperature you can make use of an installed thermostat which is a rotating mechanism displaying temperature numbers all around its circumference. Each number indicates a different heating level required for particular dishes you are going to cook. The temperature is regulated from time to time by means of a gauge.

The Timers

Most stoves also have a timing or clock control. Nowadays, more modern stoves have digital timers to set exact cooking times. An alarm will sound when the particular time is up so that you check your dish.

The Lighting

Most ovens also have a lighting feature to enable you to light up the interior of the oven to see how the food is being cooked from time to time without having to open the door of the oven. The light bulb utilized for this purpose is specially designed to withstand the very high heat inside the oven.

Self Cleaning Features

Some modern ovens also have the feature of self cleaning. In simple terms the very high heat sets out a lot of waves which cause any food splatters to be disintegrated to dust which you can then easily clean up and gather rather than trying to remove sticky food residuals.

Older Types of Electric Stoves Designs

If the stove is an older model it will probably function by means of a hot plate made up of a number of concentric circles which are the coils through which electricity produces heat for cooking or heating up pots and pans.

Newer Types of Stoves Designs

Recently produced electric stoves come with a more modern design where the cook top is encased in a glass ceramic type of material.

Before choosing whether you will buy an electric stove, you need to keep in mind the running, repair and maintenance costs together with the initial purchasing price. Although they are considered to be safer and easier to use, bear in mind that electricity costs are ever increasing and that you'll have to adapt your cooking to a different kind of heating.