How an Over-the-Door Towel Bar Saves Space

An over-the-door towel bar is a convenient space-saving item that helps to organize your bathroom. Below are some great advantages that a over the door towel bar provides for you and your bathroom.

Space Saving

The biggest advantage offered by the towel bar is the space-saving feature. Over-the-door installation allows use of an otherwise wasted space for hanging towels and clothes.

Easy to Mount

Another clear advantage is the ease of mounting the towel bar. Since the bar rests over the door, mounting it is convenient. It does not require any special tools or skills.

Long Lasting

Conventional towel bars are exposed to high levels of moisture. They can become degraded or rusted with time. The problem is alleviated by with over-the-door bars because they are further away from the moisture sources and are less affected by it.

Easy to Remove

The bars are very easy to remove, should you move to another residence or need to take it down. The bar does not leave any lasting marks on the surface of the door except for the mounting brackets.