How an RV Slide Out Works

RVs have come a long way since the beginning. Over time, the manufacturers of the RVs have developed new appliances, gizmos and most recently many RVs include a slide out, giving the RV much more room. It has a very simple and straight forward operation. The most desired RV slide out includes the bedroom slide out. Some slide outs provide up to 3 feet of extra room, when fully extended.

Electric Operation

Most slide outs operate on electricity. Make sure you have enough electric in your generator or that your RV is attached to an outlet at the camp site. Also check that all the bearings are appropriately oiled and ready for use. If the slide out is not working properly, do not force it. Take it in for a routine inspection so you do not damage any of the slide features and functions.

Only Use Slide Outs when Parked

All slide outs are to be used when the RV is parked. Never try to operate or use the slide out when you are in motion or driving along the road. They should never be extended while in motion. Their main purpose is to provide comfortable living quarters while away on vacation. They are not meant to provide comfortable on the road traveling quarters.

Check RV Park Rules and Regulations

Some of the older RV parks still do not allow you to use slide outs on the premises because they have too many obstacles that will be in the way. For example, some parks have trees that will block your slide out from fully extending. Before you park your RV check out what is permitted in the camp you are parked.

Park away from Objects

When you park your RV, make sure you have plenty of room to extend the slide out. Be certain you have at least a couple extra feet on the fully extended slide out so that you can walk around your RV when parked.

Put things away when Closed up

As you close your slide out, don't leave things lying around that can roll around and cause damage when you are hauling your trailer to your next destination. Slide outs are designed so that the appliances and furniture fit back neatly in place when the slide out is inside your RV. Keep your aisleways free from additional things so that the furniture and sliding floors can get put away the right way. This also helps to prevent burning the motor while in use.