How and Where to Properly Store Your Power Drill Accessories

Power drill accessories include the various drill bits and chucks, as well as chuck key needed to remove and replace drill bits used for your projects. Knowing where and how to properly store your power drill accessories is handy in order to ensure their proper working when needed. Storage practices for all of your tools and accessories is important as a general rule in maintaining your workshop, so many of the tips and advice provided in this article should sound like common sense rules that you are already following.

Where to Properly Store Your Power Drill Accessories

With respect to where to properly store your power drill accessories, you should purchase a storage case that can house each of these components. Most every power drill that you purchase and their accompanying accessories come with a plastic carrying and storage case. This is the easiest place to keep the accessories for your power drill. The plastic case is designed to keep the accessories in place and prevent them from becoming misplaced and lost in your workshop.

Designating a Storage Area in Your Workshop

You should designate an area within your workshop that is designed specifically to keep the cases for your power drill accessories. This storage area within your workshop should be clean, dry and out of the reach of children who may want to gain access to your tools. A locking metal cabinet would be the ultimate storage area for your power drill accessories, but a shelf that is high enough but accessible to you will do the trick.

How to Store Your Power Drill Accessories

The how is easy to accomplish once you know where to house and store your power drill accessories. Simply placing them in the storage units that come with your power drill or the accessories that were purchased separately is how you want to store your power drill accessories. After use, all accessories for your power drill should be cleaned and placed in the compartment within the storage unit that it came from.

In addition to placing the accessories back in their proper storage unit, you should build or designate a specific area within your work shop for your power drill accessories. Depending on how frequently you use the power drill, keep the accessories in as near a location as necessary in order to ensure that they are accessible when needed to complete a project or task.

Other Tips Regarding Your Power Drill Accessories

Keep in storage only those power drill accessories that you use the most. It is a waste of storage space to keep more accessories than what is needed to accomplish a work task, or ones that are simply gadgets that you own without a specific purpose or use. If you are faced with a limited amount of storage space for your tools, streamline your power drill accessories only to those that are necessary, and either sell or donate those accessories that you will not use.