How Are Pellet Stoves Vented?

An indoor wood pellet stove must have some sort of vent for it to function properly and safely. Below are several venting options.

Side Wall

This is the least expensive option for a venting a pellet stove. A side wall vent is a pipe that is installed horizontally directly to the outside of a wall. This allows smoke and exhaust to exit the building without needing any additional chimney or other exterior access.

Ceiling and Roof Vent

The most common type of vent for a pellet stove goes up directly through the ceiling and roof. A ceiling and roof vent helps provide a natural draft and allows for vent gases to remain warm as they rise.

Existing Chimney

Another option is to vent a wood pellet stove directly into an existing masonry chimney. Many pellet stove manufacturers provide specific instructions and installation equipment for this kind of venting.