How Bio-Charge Technology Works in a Garbage Disposal

To reduce possible congestion in your garbage disposal, you might consider using a bio-charge product. These products help reduced food waste build up and conserve small amounts of water as well. Not all garbage disposals include bio-charge technology, but simply grind solid food waste before it is sent through your septic system. Disposals that include bio-charge products do grind food down, but offer an additional benefit not available with other disposals.

The Process

Bio-charge fixtures squirt a small amount of micro-organisms into the in-sink garbage disposal automatically when it is in use. This helps to break down the food waste beyond the preliminary grinding. By doing so, it prevents blockage, reduces the amount of necessary water use when working the disposal, and eliminates odor in the process. Additionally, they break down oils from soap residue and grease—something a regular garbage disposal cannot due. These products are very convenient because they add the solution automatically with every disposal use, so there is no need for personally adding the bio-charge liquid ever time you dispose of food scraps down the sink.

The Reasons

When too much solid food waste is disposed of down the sink, your can potentially clog your septic system. The solid waste turns putrid and expels noxious odors and gases. Even though most municipalities separate solid and liquid waste that goes through sink systems, the solid waste is unfortunately disposed of in landfills, where they eventually break down and omit poisonous methane gas. The liquid waste, however, is processed in water treatment facilities and takes up no landfill space. By breaking down the food waste in your own septic system, you provide more water waste and less solid waste. You not only reduce blockage potential in your own home, but you reduce costs to the municipality as well.

Because the products come in different aromas, the product fights odor as well. You do not need to worry about adding lemon to your disposal every day. With these products, the fresh scent is given off each time you naturally use the disposal.

Also, the bio-charge cartridges in no way affect the disposal’s ability to grind food. In fact, they help to break down food even after the disposal system has ground the food as much as possible.

A Word about Cost

Contrary to popular belief, these systems can be found at relatively inexpensive prices. While a new system can cost around $200, you can sometimes find a refurbished one for less than $70. While initial purchase price might be high, maintenance cost is low. The good part is that you can pay as little as $10 for a bio-charge cartridge that will last you months. The main problem is that this type of cartridge does not work with all existing in-sink garbage disposals. They are made to connect specifically to an InSinkErator disposal. If you choose to use a bio-charge product, you may consider finding a solution that you drop down the disposal manually, rather than the automatic cartridge type.