How Burglar Proof Are Fiberglass Doors?

  • 20 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 300
What You'll Need
Yale door lock
Security system
Drill bits
Screwdriver bits
Wood Chisel

People are sometimes nervous about installing fiberglass doors, as they are afraid that intruders will easily be able to break through the door, and that fiberglass is not as secure as wooden or steel doors. However, as any police officer will confirm, most burglars will force the door jamb, rather than try to break through the door itself. So along with good locks, the best prevention is to get an alarm system that will provide you with a warning along with calling the security company, and most burglars will be scared away if you advertise the security system on your doors and windows.

Fiberglass Doors and Burglars

Fiberglass can actually provide a layer of protection against intruders, as they can be fitted with double or triple-pane glass, which resists shattering if an intruder attempts to break it. Fiberglass is also not just layered glass; they have a layer of solid insulation between the glass panels, meaning that they can be thicker than the average door. Most fiberglass doors are also supplied with a 12-inch lock-block, adding a further layer of security.

Fiberglass Doors and Security

Burglars will often try and pick locks, or break through a window near the lock, so it's important that your door comes with safety features such as a solid front porch, without glass, and a secure Yale lock. Most Fiberglass doors are designed to look like wood or steel finished doors, so intruders will not know that the door is fiberglass. These doors are strong, and as long as the locks are secure, you are perfectly safe.