How Car Struts Get Bent

Car struts are parts of the suspension system of a car that use springs to ensure a smooth ride. Occasionally, these struts will bend, when this happens they will need to be replaced. Here are a few of the things that can cause a strut to bend.

Too Much Weight

Loading more weight into a vehicle than it is rated to carry can cause the struts supporting the car to bend. However, even if a car is near, but not beyond, its maximum payload, potholes or other flaws in the road can bounce the vehicle. This bouncing can cause weight shifts inside the vehicle that can bend struts. To prevent this, never load too much weight into a vehicle and avoid bad roads if carrying many heavy materials at one time.


Because struts utilize springs in order to operate, they slowly become weaker over time due to daily stress. Particularly bad roads, such as those that are unpaved or that have many potholes, will speed the weakening of these springs. In addition, extremely cold weather and road salts can cause corrosion on car struts. This corrosion can weaken the struts to the point where they begin to bend.

Car Accidents

The force from a car accident is often enough to bend the struts beneath a car. Even if the damage that is caused by the accident seems to be above the wheels of the car or seems to be minimal, the frame may have shifted slightly and severely weakened the struts. Weakened struts are always susceptible to bending.