How Car Window Tint Blocks UV Rays

A car window tint that is good quality can block out as much as 99% of the suns harmful UV rays. This can add to the value of the car, decrease sun damage to the interior, and decrease your health risks caused from UV rays.

Why it Works

Adding a window tint to your car is similar to wearing sunscreen. Instead of absorbing and distributing the sun's UV rays, the tint works to reflect the UV rays back out. A high quality tint will reflect and absorb harmful rays. This gives you an added level of protection. Even though the tint is working to reflect and absorb the rays, it still allows visible light to enter. This means it won't affect your vision, day or night.

Advantages of Tinting

The suns UV rays can create a bleaching or fading affect on your cars interior. Adding a window tint helps to protect your investment. It will keep your seats and carpeting looking new. A window tint also helps reduce the amount of heat absorbed in your car while parked. This can help preserve your dash and other hard surfaces from cracking due to excess heat. 

Window tinting is a small investment, but it will help protect the investment in your vehicle. You can expect a higher resale value if you've taken the precaution of tinting your windows.