How Car Window Tint Can Get Dangerous

A graphic demonstrating various levels of window tint.

To reduce visibility into a car, create a sense of privacy, and adorn it with style, a car window tint is very effective. Car thieves are less likely to break into a vehicle if they can not see what is inside, and the privacy window tinting maintains is desirable to many drivers. However, car window tinting can be dangerous.

Dangers of Car Window Tinting

Pedestrians and other drivers alike rely on the ability to see other drivers and make definite eye contact when sharing the road. Whether it’s to indicate right of way, waving someone into traffic, or to let a pedestrian know the car is stopping and it’s safe to cross, eye contact can be as effective as turn signals in the right situation. Excessive car window tint can prevent this sort of eye contact from happening due to another driver’s inability to see the driver of the car with tinted windows.

Pedestrians, too, need to be especially careful before stepping into a crosswalk being approached by a car with window tint. Even though it is a law to stop for pedestrians, many drivers do not. Often, it takes a driver to visually recognize that a pedestrian has the right of way. Car window tinting can prohibit this.

Rather than risk a collision, don’t tempt fate when you encounter a car with tinted windows. If you are walking, let the car pass without attempting to assert your right of way. While driving, don’t take it for granted that they see you, for they may not.