How Clear Storm Drains Benefits Your Home

Within the niche of drainage systems, storm drains are considered a critical a component. Storm drains are useful for draining-away excess water that tends to accumulate during inclement weather conditions such as incessant rainfall. Periodically cleaning a storm drain is necessary, as it puts forth many benefits, such as:

Prevents Structural Damage to Private Property

A storm drain cannot perform with efficiency if it is clogged. This usually happens due to the debris that is washed along with storm water. Water that accumulates due to flooded or choked storm drains eventually gets directed towards the foundation area or the basement of the house. Please note that flooding around the basement induces one of the most damaging forms of moisture seepage. The water seeps along the foundation, extending into the dry walls. This causes mold growth in the lower slabs of the foundation that are difficult to access and clean on a regular basis. Thus, keeping the storm drains clean is an easy way to escape significant costs in the form of plumbing and concrete-based repairs.

Saves from Paying Civic Penalties

Clogged storm drains can also induce localized flooding wherein a few, choked storm drains along the same street can cause severe damage to the surrounding landscape. The possible damages include erosion of the garden soil and mixing of storm water or drain water with the regular, water-supply lines. In some areas, localized flooding caused due to storm drains can lead to financial penalties for the homeowner.

Prevents Build-up of Harmful Gases and Odor

Storm water usually carries some form of organic waste. This is particularly true when homes with gardens are located near the storm drains and the homeowners don’t bother to keep-away the shredded vegetation from the drain. Further, gardens are also a source of chemicals like fertilizers. When such waste matter isn't regularly removed, it is eventually directed into the storm water drainage. Here, it begins to decompose through a biological process. Some of the resulting gases are harmful, being concentrated with toxic vapors. These gases carry an unpleasant odor too. Upon condensation, some of these gases are absorbed into the surrounding soil-bed. This can precipitate more expenditure in the form of additional, soil-treatment programs to detoxify the contaminated soil-bed.

Maintains Quality of Water Supply and Limits Repair Costs

A clean storm drain reduces pollution of your personal and the surrounding property. It is a common misconception that storm drains are internally connected to the local, sewer treatment system. The fact is that among most neighborhoods, the storm water is directed to a nearby water-body like a lake or a stream. Many of these water-bodies are often the source of water supplied to the neighborhood.

The quality of water can depreciate substantially if the storm water is contaminated. This is likely to happen when the storm drains aren’t cleaned regularly which in turn allows washed-away pollutants to seep into the water. Once the local waterways are contaminated, every household in the neighborhood is affected.

This is applicable from a financial perspective too wherein the contaminated water-supply can ruin the quality of garden soil besides presenting healthcare problems. Further, contaminated water that contains a high concentration of chemical residues can damage the internal, supply pipes of a house, an unwarranted expense in the form of plumbing repairs.